Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TSTool3 - Tech Support Tool v3, powered by PowerShell

TechNet Script Center - TSTool - Enterprise Desktop Support Tool

"TSTool3 is an application designed specifically for the enterprise desktop support technician. Connect to remote computers on the network and support users using one central interface.

This is a complete rewrite of my original VBScript TSTool2, now in pure PowerShell.


New Features Include :-
Multithreading to prevent GUI lockups
AD photo display of user logged into remote machine
Compact design (with room for heaps more features)
Intuitive navigation

Main features included in this version are :-
Quick connect history
Coloured connection status indicator
Machine Group Policy refresh
Detailed monitor report, including monitor model and resolution
OU report of connected user and machine
Dell warranty status of this computer
Quick RDP connect
Quick Remote C drive connect
Running Processes
Basic IP config
Log off, reboot, shutdown
Wake on LAN – (only wakes machines on same subnet but soon this limitation will be removed)
Output to familiar looking console and quick copy button
Summary of remote machine specs including uptime and build date
Real physical location is displayed (based on subnet)


The coolest thing about this is that it's all PowerShell... Yes, even the UI... :)

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