Wednesday, June 11, 2014


DevExpress - Free DevExpress MVVM Framework released

Previously, I mentioned our plans to offer a free version of the MVVM Framework. I am happy to announce the free DevExpress MVVM Framework is now available on NuGet and GitHub.


The free DevExpress MVVM Framework includes all the capabilities of the MVVM libraries installed with our components, except for those features specific to component integration. If you are using an up-to-date component installation, you already have full access to the MVVM Framework. Now, anyone can build an app with the DevExpress MVVM Framework or introduce our MVVM to an existing project – even when that project makes use of another framework.

The major benefits of the DevExpress MVVM Framework are the independent parts in the framework, used separately or with other third-party MVVM libraries.

  • With POCO, get clear ViewModel code without unnecessary duplications. The POCO mechanism automatically generates bindable properties, commands, asynchronous commands, wrapper code for services, and much more.
  • EventToCommand support now includes converting event arguments, calling bound commands via Dispatcher, and processing attached events.
  • Finer visual customizations are available from the ViewModel using a set of predefined Services or custom Service.
  • Messenger takes the difficulty out of building loosely coupled app architectures.
  • Modify the behavior of any visual component. Simply create a Behavior and assign it with an Interaction.
  • Choose from a new set of converters useful for everyday scenarios.

Easily find the free MVVM Framework on NuGet by searching “dx mvvm”. The free DevExpress MVVM Framework is distributed under the MIT License. Source code, testing libraries, and samples are available on GitHub. [GD: Post Leached In Full]



DevExpress MVVM Framework is a set of components helping to work in the Model-View-ViewModel pattern in Silverlight and WPF.


There are two versions of the DevExpress MVVM Framework:

1. The version that is included to the DevExpress WPF/Silverlight component suite.

2. The free version that is very similar to the first one. The only difference is that it does not contain some capabilities that are only needed when the framework is used with DevExpress components.

Although DevExpress provides documentation for the first version only, you can use this documentation even if you use the free version. The documentation is available by the following link:

At the DevExpress site, you can find several training blog posts:


The Free DevExpress MVVM Framework is available from NugGet:

While I'm not sure we really need another MVVM framework, I do applaud DevExpress in releasing this and releasing it as open source. That and I'm glad to see a little WPF love. :)

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