Monday, June 23, 2014

Using Web Essentials 2013? Just say Yes (to the update) - Update it before you apply VS 2013.3...

Mads Kristensen - Important update to Web Essentials 2013

You need to update Web Essentials 2013 to version 2.2. If not, Visual Studio will crash. Download now.

Before Visual Studio 2013 Update 3

The upcoming release of Visual Studio Update 3 has API changes in some of the components that Web Essentials is extending. Those changes are not compatible with the current version of Web Essentials and will cause VS to crash after upgrading to Update 3. To be fair, those APIs were never public to begin with, so I was taking a chance when I was using them in Web Essentials.

If you are currently using Web Essentials 2.1 for Visual Studio Update 2, you should see this dialog show up the next time you open Visual Studio.


This is the first time this notification feature has been used after introducing it in Web Essentials 2.1. Good thing we did.

It’s important that you install this update immediately. You don’t have to restart Visual Studio – it’s enough that you just install the update. If not, you might forget to do it before you install Visual Studio Update 3. So go do it now.

It turns out to be good timing... [Read the rest, including a list of the new features in the Web Essentials 2013.2 update!]

If you're on VS 2013 and using Web Essentials, as I said in the title, just say Yes...

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