Thursday, September 25, 2014

Controlling the email madness, rule your inbox and help others rule theirs with Controlled Vocabulary Outlook Addin

Controlled Vocabulary 

This project provides tools to control the vocabulary of email and meeting communications so that recipients may implement more effective filtering.

Are you a member of an email discussion alias which is out of control? Do you battle to filter the messages? Take a look at the solution provided by this project to bring your alias under control again.

The driving motivation behind this project is that controlled vocabulary is a more effective method of categorizing emails than an open tagging system, which is too subjective.

This project provides an Outlook 2013 and Windows Client to support the adoption of a Controlled Vocabulary.



In short, think "uber" templating, fast email generating, yet well formed for rule processing, Outlook Addin. For example, here's how the ALM Rangers use it, Controlled Vocabulary 101 … typed at the most stunning office!. It's not a silver bullet, but it might help you reign in the chaos (well a boy can dream anyway... ;).

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