Thursday, September 04, 2014

git tf whining about ".. not a valid URL"? Richard Fennel shows how to kick its ASCII

But it works on my PC! - Getting ‘… is not a valid URL’ when using Git TF Clone

I have been attempting to use the Git TF technique to migrate some content between TFS servers. I needed to move a folder structure that contains spaces in folder names from a TPC that also contains spaces in its name. So I thought my command line would be

git tf clone “http://tfsserver1:8080/tfs/My Tpc” “$/My Folder”’ oldrepo --deep

But this gave the error

git-tf: “http://tfsserver1:8080/tfs/My Tpc” is not a valid URL


The answer was to use the ASCII code ...



I've run into this a few times during my Coding4Fun blogging quests and end up being lazy and getting the code other ways. In this post Richard shows just how lazy I really was...

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