Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Logikcull is trying to help make eDiscovery logical... and giving you a free eDiscovery Education and sandbox to play in too!

Logikcull - Logikcull Launches On-line e-Discovery Education for the Legal Community. And it’s Free.

WASHINGTON, DC, September 15, 2014 - Logikcull announced today the launch of its e-Discovery Education for Everyone initiative. With this initiative, lawyers around the world will be able to learn e-discovery by performing e-discovery, for free, and without the need for special software or hardware. Simply log-in and Logikcull will automatically teach you how to do e-discovery. Each free Logikcull account comes with a set of “sandbox-data” that lawyers can use to learn about metadata, de-duplication, and many other technical aspects of e-discovery.

Understanding e-discovery is becoming increasingly important to the legal community. For instance, California has an open ethics opinion that states lawyers that don’t attempt to learn about e-discovery may face malpractice claims. The Logikcull e-Discovery Education for Everyone initiative hopes to mitigate that risk for attorneys everywhere.

“E-discovery education is vital for lawyers practicing in the 21st century—which is to say, all of us. The time is nigh when not understanding e-discovery will be malpractice; but why wait until then? If you want to remain competitive and competent, you’d better know about it now.” said Mark Wilson, writer for Findlaw.com who recently wrote about “Is Not Understanding e-Discovery Unethical?”

One of the problems with learning about e-discovery is just that: you learn about it in the very traditional CLE-way. But usually, you don’t actually get to practice e-discovery until it’s too late. And if it’s too late, you may end up making poor e-discovery choices that can result in professional misconduct. With Logikcull, lawyers can learn e-discovery by doing e-discovery in a safe and real-world environment. This learn-by-doing environment will better prepare legal professionals when e-discovery demands arise.


This is a first I think, a public eDiscovery sandbox to learn and play in. You know I've said, over and over, that even if you're not in a legal firm/department/etc, that even if you're just an IT guy and gal, if you have "customers" then there's a chance your firm might be involved in a legal matter one day. The more you know about what this "eDiscovery" thing is the better you'll be able to help your firm (or at least understand what your lawyers are asking for and why...)

One thing to understand, this is a "request" for a sandbox. It's not immediate (though the automated emails come in fast...). I'm hoping this is sales-hands-off and just a site/service I can use, learn from and play with. If this is just a "demo-with-data" that "we'll walk you through..." i.e. salesware, I'll be disappointed. But these guys seem be pretty unusual for a firm (see the XRef's below), so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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