Wednesday, October 15, 2014

No, you've not been infected... That new Bing Search on the IE11 New Tab page is "Official" - "Update to increase prominence of Web suggestions in Internet Explorer 11"

There I was, looking at my Win 8.1 IE New Tab page and there's this bing search bar there... What? When did that happen? Crud, is this maybe malware/injection-ware/something-bad-ware?


Nope. It was Update-Tuesday-ware...

Update to increase prominence of Web suggestions in Internet Explorer 11

Increasingly, users search the web through the Internet Explorer address bar. To keep up with this growing need, this update increases prominence of web suggestions in Internet Explorer 11 so that you can easily select an appropriate web search suggestion. The changes include the following:

  • History and Favorites group headers are not displayed in the suggestions list of the address bar. This lets more suggestions display in the same vertical space.
  • For certain queries, there may only be several web suggestions. However, for other more ambiguous queries, more web suggestions may have to be displayed to capture your intent. With this update, the search engine can control how many web suggestions are appropriate for the typed query so that you receive the appropriate number of relevant suggestions.
  • Domain suggestions for sites that you never visited before are not displayed (for example, if you type "m" and you had never visited "", it will not be displayed). These domain suggestions did not receive many clicks from you and yet you use valuable real estate. Instead, more relevant suggestions are displayed.

Besides looking a little "google" like, and having a somewhat weird placement (all that gray around it is funky), I wish something like this had been announced, noted, mentioned on the IE blog. I know this isn't a big thing, but with all the malware/hacking/crud going on, you know? And with all the Windows Updates, who can go through each one to look at the KB article, etc.


(via Microsoft Updates Internet Explorer 11, Now Includes Bing Search Bar In The New Tab Page)

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