Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Brent Ozar New All-in-One Download Pack (and discount on their commercial stuff secret)

Brent Ozar - Announcing Our New All-in-One Download Pack

We give away a lot of stuff – scripts, setup checklists, e-books, posters, you name it.

But we kept hearing a theme from folks: “Wow, I’ve seen one of your tools before, but I had no idea there were so many others!” In order to get everything, they had to go all over the place in our site.

To fix that, we’ve got a new easy button: our free SQL Server download pack. Now when you get anything, you’ll get everything in a single zip file, plus get email notifications whenever there’s a new version.

Enjoy, and hope we make your job suck just a little less.


[GD: POST Leached in FULL... Come on, it was just a few sentences!]

All of the awesome free Brent Ozar and team downloads in one? Yeah, that's cool.

The discount secret? You have to subscribe to their RSS Feed to see... :)

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