Tuesday, December 09, 2014

EA, via Origin, giving away (as in $0) SimCity 2000

PCWorld - Free game alert: EA's giving away SimCity 2000 (a.k.a. The Best SimCity)

EA's unveiled the latest game in its "On the House" promotion, and it's SimCity 2000 a.k.a. The Best SimCity Ever Made and I Will Brook No Argument On That Point. The On the House program lets you pick up games to pad out your Origin library for free, the catch being that you have to own an Origin account in order to take advantage.


I've not used Origin since they gave away Sims 2 (nor for other games) so was surprised how well they wrapped up DOSBox with this SimCity distort... Now, if only it worked a little better in a window on a high DPI screen. But hey, I can't complain about the price! :)


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