Monday, February 09, 2015

Podcasting 101

MaximumPC - How to Start a Podcast

The ABCs of podcasting


Car rides and long commutes have been mitigated by the immense popularity of podcasts. What’s great about podcasts, unlike radio, is that they’re largely democratic endeavors. Anyone and everyone is free to record, edit, and publish their own podcasts.

In an effort to help out any aspiring podcasters out there, we’ve decided to outline the process in a guide. Now’s probably a good time to plug our kickass No BS Podcast, because it’ll act as our benchmark for what we’re trying to accomplish. We can’t guarantee that your podcast will be the next Serial, but we’ll teach you how to get your finished product out to the masses

Planning the Podcast ...

Recording the Show ...

Editing the Recording ...

Exporting the Podcast ...

Getting it on the Web ...

Wrapping Things Up

With your podcast listed on iTunes and Stitcher, you should be all set to produce spectacular shows on whatever schedule you set for yourself. With each episode, you’ll have to upload the file, convert another Google Drive URL, and post the episode on your blog. FeedBurner and your content providers will do the rest.

This is mostly for my reference. I hope to start helping produce the RadioTFS Podcast (no, it's not dead... just sleeping a little) and thought this post would REALLY come in handy... And who knows, maybe I can start my own
Cool Thing of the Day/Week/Month" podcast or something. :)

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