Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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"Ah, Ecco Pro. I remember it well. It was the only PIM (Personal Information Manager) that I every truly enjoyed using.

... then in 1997, it went away. More accurately, it was discontinued and it stopped getting updates. The owner, NetManage, graciously made the final version available for free of charge a few years ago. Even though it is showing its age, it remains one of the best and most flexible PIMs available. If you're yearing for something a little more than just the default choice of Outlook, you might want to give Ecco Pro a try. "

I missed this. I think I still have some of my Ecco Pro files around (so I better download this right away just in case I need to open those 7+ year old files... LOL)

Think NetManage could be talked into releasing the source?

(via Larkware - The Daily Grind 640)


Sharki said...

today is 9/3/09. I tried your Ecco Pro download. The page could not be found! Have you removed it? I also have files from Ecco Pro & would like to re minis.
Dunka Shawn

Greg said...

Yep it looks like the original poster/link provider (i.e. the company that bought and then later released it for free) has removed it.

Based on a quick bing search it looks like it's might be still available on the Yahoo Ecco Pro Group site. ->

My group membership request is pending. When I get in I'll confirm if its there or not...

Thanks for the heads up that the file was removed.

Greg said...

Confirmed. Join the Yahoo group and they have the setup in their Files folder (which is only available to Group members).

Plus they have a TON of other things there. Also they are very active in keeping spammers out of their forums (which is nice).

Friedhelm said...

If you have a problem with newer operating systems there is a membership supported site which has a zipped EccoPro Vista installation package which contains automated installations for users of Windows XP Service Pack 2 or 3 or Windows Vista and Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit who might have problems installing EccoPro with the downloaded 16-bit "setup32.exe" or for users who get the famous "GLBSSTUB" error. The package will install all necessary registry entries plus the "default.ect" template fix.