Monday, February 27, 2006

"New CoolCommands for Visual Studio 2005"

New CoolCommands for Visual Studio 2005

"After I released coolcommands I received a lot of suggestions about adding others commands. I received bug reports too :(. So I developed some new commands and fixed some bugs.

My favorite new cool command is the Resolve Project References.

But Andres Aguiar insists that the coolest is the Copy and Paste of references ;)

So here a brief explanation about the new commands:

Resolve Project Reference
A lot of times I load only one project without the original solution of it. So all project references are unresolved. So that we should load each project in the solution in order to build the project. Well, this command solve this problem, right click in the project and Resolve Project References load all the project references recursively

Copy / Paste of References

Open File

Locate in Solution Explorer

Collapse all projects is enabled in the solution root


Cool Commands indeed!

One note, the install.bat in the download didn't work 100% for me. VS 2005/8 "DevEnv" is not in my path, so the line "devenv /setup" errored.

Manually running "DevEnv /setup" from Start/Run did work though and all the Cool Commands are now installed and working.

To avoid this, RTFP (Read The Fine Post). It says, very clearly, "... unzip and run install.bat in a VS 2005 command prompt)". dogh!

Besides the very cool "Resolve References" (I hate playing the fix up references games), I think the "Collapse All Projects" is pretty cool too...

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