Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cool (and Free) Threading .NET 2.0 E-Book

ISerializable - Roy Osherove's Blog - Nice Threading in .NET 2.0 E-Book and online reference

"I recently found this great online E-Book about Threading in .NET (also applies to .NET 2.0!), thanks to a link on this blog.

I've used it several times since to learn about interesting and useful stuff such as how to properly use ReaderWriterLocks, When does Thread.SpinWait() make sense (almost never) and the various ways there are to synchronize access to common resources in a multi threaded, multi CPU environment (lots).

The thing about .NET threading is that, not only is it scary to the uninitiated (as it should be), every time to check it out, you find out something you didn't know about.


This is a very cool threading online reference and freely downloadable e-book (PDF). Using C# for its examples, in 76 pages it covers basic synchronization, locking, BackgroundWorker, async delegates and more.

Added to my "Read this 'real soon' " stack...

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