Friday, September 29, 2006

Writing Windows Live Messenger Add-ins in .Net by the ADOGuy

The ADOGuy - Writing Windows Live Messenger Add-ins with .NET

" this article, I show you how to write your own add-in for Windows Live Messenger using .NET.

Beginning with version 8 of Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft has allowed users to write code, using the .NET Framework, to interact with Messenger client. By using the Messenger SDK, you can write an assembly that is loaded into Messenger and which will react to events in the messenger user interface.


Shawn Wildermuth (aka the ADO Guy) has written a cool article on writing add-ins for Windows Live Messenger 8 in C# and VB.Net.

From turning on the add-in capability to writing the code to deployment and seeing it in use, he covers all the "hello world" bases (with C#/ source downloadable too).

This looks like something fun to play with...  ;)

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