Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Preview Handler Framework

The Moth - More Preview Handlers

"Remember the awesome Managed Preview Handler Framework for Vista and Outlook? Visit the author’s blog to download a Preview Handler Association editor.

I also found a preview handler, written with the framework, which is for code file extensions such as .cs, .vb, .js and .sql (link to download here).

Given that the visual effect is best described with a video, I’ve recorded a screencast on the topic.

After recording the video I came up with a slightly more useful preview handler than the one I showed there. How many times have you wanted to quickly extract the FullName or specifically the PublicKeyToken from a strong-named assembly?..."

I haven't been paying any attention to Vista Preview Handlers. As a matter of fact until now, I've not even had my Preview Pane visible, thinking "preview" as something "preview" bitmaps from the past. Boy was I wrong.... I now see I may have been missing something kind of cool.

And given how easy Daniel makes it look to write one in .Net... Well I can see a number of ways these could be very useful.

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