Thursday, March 29, 2007

Research Channel - Three Hour Video on Designing .NET Class Libraries

Research ChannelMSR Technical Education Series: Designing .NET Class Libraries

January 22, 2007

This class presents best practices for designing frameworks that are reusable object-oriented libraries. The guidelines are applicable to frameworks ranging in size and in their scale of reuse from large system frameworks to small components shared among several applications. They started as a small set of naming and design conventions, but have been enhanced, scrutinized, and refined to a point where they are generally considered the canonical way to design frameworks at Microsoft. They carry the experience and cumulative wisdom of thousands of developer hours, over three versions of the .NET Framework.

Krzysztof Cwalina, program manager, .NET Framework Team, Microsoft

Runtime:03:40:56" [Description leached in full]

Three hours of free video .Net Class design! Rock on!  ;)

Actually it's very cool... And I saw Krzysztof's presentation at PDC2005 and really liked it. It's cool to see a refreshed version...

Also I think this is my first visit to the Research Channel and I'm pretty impressed. There's a ton (3000+ titles) of content and some pretty interesting topics and sessions (like Behind the Code with Anders Hejlsberg).

Time to do a little browsing...  :)

(via The Server Side.Net - Designing .NET Class Libraries)

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Scott said...

Thanks for the tip! Very interesting video.