Sunday, December 02, 2007

More WiX Mixing (WiX, Votive and VS2005/8)

CodeProject - Creating an installer using Wix v3.0, Votive and Visual Studio 2005/8 - part 2, the GUI


We have already seen how to create a basic installer using Wix, but to the end user, the results weren't spectacular. A small box with a title and a progress bar were all we had to show for our work. In this article, we will cover adding a slightly more impressive GUI to the installer. This section will cover the inbuilt GUI capabilities of Wix. One of the great strengths of Wix is its extensibility, and this is particularly true of the GUI. Such extensibility is, however, beyond the scope of this article.


It is assumed that you have followed the steps of the first article in this series. This article builds on the project from the first article, so you should obtain a copy if you plan to follow along. The prerequisites of the first article (Wix, Visual Studio with the Votive plug-in installed) are also required for this article.

Getting Started

We have our Windows Forms application, and we have our Wix project. At the moment, the installer provides no mechanism for user interactivity. In order to provide this, we will add a GUI to the installer.


While we wait on "Rosario" to get WiX baked into Visual Studio Team System (Visual Studio ships the WiX toolset.) this CodeProject may come in handy.


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