Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The SEAMonster is out... (on CodePlex)

Mike Swanson - SEAMonster Loosed to CodePlex

"Well, I had good intentions. Ever since my first post about SEAMonster in October, 2007, I've wanted to refactor and clean-up the code for release. In the meantime, I've received many, many e-mails asking when that would happen. To everyone who has patiently waited, today's the day. SEAMonster is now hosted on CodePlex.

Before you get too excited, know that I haven't had the time to do any clean-up (at all). I finally realized that I just had to let it loose...


Notice the "squashed" and distorted look of the bicubic resize as compared to the seam carved version. The seam carved version looks like it could be a real photo, even though it's width has been significantly reduced.


CodePlex - SEAMonster

"Project Description
A .NET-based implementation of seam carving.
SEAMonster Logo.gif
If you're not familiar with seam carving, you should first watch the short 4 1/2 minute video demonstratration. The technique was presented at the SIGGRAPH 2007 conference by Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir. For all of the details, check out the paper they presented called Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing (20MB PDF). Shai and Ariel outline a relatively simple algorithm for finding a "seam" of pixels that is least likely to be missed when it's removed from an image. The algorithm looks for connected pixels of low energy, where energy refers to a measure of visual detail. By iterating the algorithm, an image can be resized while maintaining its general structure. Unlike a typical stretch operation in your favorite graphics application, the seam carving technique resists squashing or distorting the image. The algorithm can also be used to remove specific content (like a person or object) from a scene by using a bias map.


Nice... This seems like it would be a very cool addition to picture/image uploaders, WLW Plugins, etc, etc...


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