Saturday, January 26, 2008

Source Code Outliner 1.0 PowerToy for Visual Studio 2008

Microsoft Downloads - Source Code Outliner PowerToy for Visual Studio 2008


The Source Code Outliner PowerToy was created as a package using the Visual Studio SDK for Visual Studio 2008. For more information about VSX, visit the Visual Studio Extensibility Developer Center.

The project source code (in both C# and Visual Basic) can be found on the SourceCodeOutliner project on


CodePlex - Source Code Outliner Power Toy

"The Source Outliner tool is a Visual Studio extension that provides a tree view of your source code's types and members and lets you quickly navigate to them inside the editor.
Source Outliner enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Navigate a C# or Visual Basic source file in a tree view.
  • Navigate to an item via the keyboard or the mouse.
  • Filter the tree based on the code element name.
  • Filter the tree based on the code element type.



Sort of, kind of, maybe a little like, Reflector but inside of Visual Studio and hooked directly to the source (as opposed to the IL).

The addin's source is C#, but the resulting assembly works for many .Net languages. Also interesting to see that based on the check in comments WiX was used to build the setup...

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