Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blogger Backup v1.0.9.22 Released

I've just released a new, somewhat major, release of my Blogger Backup utility, v1.0.9.22.

This version is based on community feedback and usage in the "field". It addresses a number of bugs, adds some features, deals with changes Google has made to the Blogger feeds and generally cleans it up quite a bit. Please see the project site for the full list...

I've been working on this release, off and on for the past few months and it's time. Time to let it out into the wild, time to open give more people a chance to use it and its new features, time to prepare to move it to 1.1 (or maybe 2.0)...

Besides bug fixes, this is probably the last 1.0 version. It's time to take a step back examine it and its features and give it a good shake out and cleaning. Plus I REALLY want to start using Linq to XML (and this project screams for that...). Plus I want to refactor it so its unit testable.

I'd like to send a huge thank you out to those of you who have reported bugs, requested features and acted as alpha testers...

As always, please let me know, via the project site, if you find any bugs, run into any problems or have suggestions or comments


abby fichtner said...

hey, this is way cool - thanks for providing it!

The Hacker Chick Blog

Lyn said...

Hi Greg,

I am desperate to back up my blogger blog AND COMMENTS. I think I'm going to try your utility, but was curious as to why there haven't been any new releases since spring. Anything new coming along? Is the utility working well for people in general as far as you know? My blog is so important to me and I am freaking out worrying about it going down (I have posts backed up my email but not comments).

Greg said...

As far as I know a number of people are using the utility and seem to be pretty happy with it.

v1.0.x has been pretty stable and hasn't needed much work, so I've left it as is...

BUT I am working on v1.5 which adds a number of new and cool features.

The thing is is that this is a personal project that due to IP issues with work I have to be very careful when/where I do the work. Have you been following the recent Dilbert cartoons? Where he loses his personal project because he did some of it at work? So they "own" it? The funny thing is that that's not too far from the possible truth.

That and since Google/Blogger added there new backup feature I've paid this project a little less attention. But I've recently used that feature and am not at all happy with it (it took 6 tries to get it to back up my entire blog).

So when I can sqeeze out some time I am continuing to work on the app...

v1.5 has been in alpha/very limited testing for a while and I think I'm close to posting it to the site and let more people beat it up.... ;)

I hope this helps and answers your questions,