Saturday, June 07, 2008

Scrum in 90 Minutes – The Presentation

Mountain Goat Software - A Reusable Scrum Presentation

“This is a 90 minute introduction to Scrum that is fully redistributable and reusable. Use it to introduce Scrum to your user group or organization. Provided as a PowerPoint file so you can customize it. For Mac users, the presentation is also available in Keynote, which is what it was created in. Please acknowledge the source but please use it widely. Also available is a French version translated by Claude Aubry, a German version translated by Simon Roberts, and a Portuguese version translated by Cesar Brod that is also available in Open Office format and as a PDF.

Thank you to these translators to their generous contributions.

This is a completely updated, much fancier version of this popular file that has been available for download since 2002. 



Need to introduce Scrum to your Team? Senior Management? Customers? Clients? Mom and Dad? Then these 43 slides of Scrum presentation goodness may be just the thing you need…

Thanks to The Haxr Chick for pointing this out to me.


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