Friday, August 15, 2008

Mix a little WPF, with some Scrum and dash of TFS and you get... Task Board for Scrum for Team System Beta 2 Released

Scrum for Team System - Task Board for Team System - Beta 2 Released

“The second version of the Task Board for Team System has now been released and can be downloaded from the:

In order to access the beta forum, your Scrum for Team System community forum account must be registered to the beta testers forum. Follow the below link to register your forum account name.

…” [Post leach level: 99%]

Scrum for Team System - Task Board for Team System - Beta 2 preview

“A new webcast has been made available that details some of the new features in the forth coming Task Board for Team System beta 2 release.


Crispin Parker's Blog - Task Board for Team system and the great WPF challenge

"I'm special... Well that's what I like to think! My consulting role within Conchango (as an IP only person) is quite unique*. I'm shielded from the competitive aspects of the normal client based projects and the constant pull of project managers trying to hunt (poach?) development resources.

* There can be only one?

All sounds wonderful doesn't it? Well, of course it's not all tea parties and cake...

Upon joining Conchango, I was tasked with owning the development of the Scrum for Team System Team Foundation Server (SfTS) process template. This was especially challenging as I had never used Team System before and had only ever been involved in projects that brandished the word "agile" as a baton of management buzz word bingo. Also, Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas) was about to be launched and the version 1.2 of the SfTS didn't work in TFS 2008.

The trials and tribulations were met head on and I succeeded in meeting the 2008 challenge ..."

You’ll need this is you’re using beta 1 (since beta 1 expires today). As an occasional user of beta 1, beta 2 looks to be a nice update (for example, I like how the Deferred/Deleted columns are hidden).


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