Friday, August 29, 2008

Svchost, why do you mock me so? Here’s a project to help you see what its doing… Svchost Viewer

CodePlex - svchost viewer

“A program to see what all those svchost.exe are running.

Ever wondered what all those svchost.exe files are running ?? well here is an app to tell you, gives you some basic infomation like the Name, Description and the program path.

- No installstation required.
- Only requirement is that you have .net installed (ver 2.0 or newer).
- Work in Windows XP (sp2) and Vista.
- Coded in C#



Vista/Server 2008 makes it easier to see what services are running under svchost, but even there still this project looks like it could come in handy. The C# source isn’t checked into CodePlex, but is available as part of the release…

Sometimes a little GUI is all you need…


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Jonathan Allen said...

That's nice, but you get all that and more from the SysInternal's Process Explorer.

Greg said...

True... But the source for Process Explorer isn't available... ;)