Friday, August 29, 2008

Layoff tips – 20 tips, for when you may need them most

Network World - 20 ways to survive a layoff

Editor's note: On Feb. 20, IT manager and Network World columnist Ron Nutter was called into his boss's office and told he was being let go — that day. Once the initial shock wore off, Nutter launched an aggressive search for new employment in the Kansas City area. Over the next 76 days, Nutter applied for 85 jobs, and had 16 interviews before landing a new position. He chronicled the job search in a daily blog. Now that he has had some time to reflect on the experience, Nutter offers these 20 tips for surviving a layoff.

1. As you're getting laid off, be sure to take notes


I caught this article in the printed version of the magazine (yes, I still catch print as well as feeds… ;) and wanted to capture it for future reference (just in case, etc).

I’ve been through one unexpected (well sort of unexpected, the company was in chapter 11, but still it was a surprise when I finally got the kick) layoff and two other close calls so this caught my eye…

Going through a layoff or unexpected job termination, is scary, very scary (as I’m sure most of you know and have lived). I feel there’s nothing wrong in preparing yourself mentally for this possible scenario, hence this post. Plan for the worst and hope for the best, etc.


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