Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Data Dude Updated for SQL Server 2008 – VSTS 2008 Database Edition GDR RTW’s (Think “VSTS 2008 Data Dude SP1++”)

Microsoft Downloads - Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR

Version: RTM
Date Published: 11/25/2008
Download Size: 285 KB - 25.8 MB*

In addition to providing support for SQL Server 2008 database projects, this release incorporates many previously released Power Tools as well as several new features. The new features include distinct Build and Deploy phases, Static Code Analysis and improved integration with SQL CLR projects.

Database Edition no longer requires a Design Database. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to install an instance of SQL Express or SQL Server prior to using Database Edition.


This is a major release, with a ton of very cool and must have features. And now that the Database Edition SKU has been merged into the Developer Edition (in short, if you own a license for one you get the other for free)…

Make sure you read the installation notes on the download page, as there are some points you might want to consider.


Now if only our SQL Server 2008 license, installation and usage process would move forward… :/


Travis Spencer said...

In the subject, when you say RTW, do you mean RTM?

Greg said...

Yep in the end, RTW = RTM.

RTW = Release To Web

I see RTM usually meaning that a product/deliverable/thing will be available. Something that has its own SKU, that you can buy, etc.

RTW means it's downloadable only.