Sunday, March 15, 2009

GTD (Getting Things Done) with ClearContext Personal, a free Outlook (2003/2007) addin to help you wrestle your Inbox to the ground

ClearContext - ClearContext Personal

“A free Outlook add-in to organize your email and make your inbox better

Instantly file and organize email

ClearContext keeps your messages organized by automatically suggesting the right folders to instantly file messages and entire conversations with a single click.


ClearContext highlights the most important messages in your Inbox from your most important contacts.



Easily follow the conversation with a threaded conversation view as part of each email message.

Attachments and contacts right at your fingertips! ClearContext lets you instantly:

  • See attachments and contacts from emails in each folder.
  • Sort, save, and forward those attachments.
  • Create distribution lists, meeting requests, etc. from those contacts.

Explore and preview attachments within Outlook just like folders on your desktop.

Unsubscribe from conversations you don't want to see in your Inbox.

Too many status and notification emails in your inbox?  Many people's inboxes are clogged with email like:

  • Notifications from online services
  • Automated log and alert emails from IT applications
  • Receipts and status from e-commerce sites

Notification Managers automatically move these emails out of your inbox into a categorized view so you can quickly process notifications without constant interruptions.  Use ClearContext templates or easily create your own customized notification managers.  For more information, see our Notifications page.”

Through long years of practice I’ve come to learn how to free my Inbox. Following much of the GTD guidance, I’m currently winning the fight to keep my inbox empty. Yet that doesn’t mean I can’t use all the help I can get battling the email beast.

And for those who have yet the wrestle their inbox into submission, where your inbox rules you and not the other way around, this addin might be a weapon you’ll find useful. (cough… not that I know people like that… cough… ;)

(Now here’s a totally random thought… Turning your inbox into a FPS and blasting the crap crud out of its content as a “management” tool. Bits and Bytes splashing everywhere, attachments exploding, addresses running in fear… LOL… Oh yeah, will have to write THAT addin now!  LMAO ;)

Anyway, I’m installing it now and will be giving it go…

Note: ClearContext likes POP and Exchange based email stores and will notify you if you’re not on those (i.e. like where my home Outlook primary store is Hotmail via the Outlook Connector…)

(via The Road to Know Where - Microsoft Blogger Recommends Free "ClearContext" Personal Organizer Add-in for Outlook 2007)


Terry said...

You are probably already aware of it, but has several good posts/tips on battling inbox clutter. For example, a recent post was:

Greg said...

Nice! No I wasn't aware of it... So thanks!

dannielo said...

For implementing GTD you can use this web-based application:

You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use

checklists, schedules and a calendar.
A mobile version is available too.

Project Management said...

What about creating a OneNote template based on GTD (Getting Things Done)?. There are a lot of people interested on it, some are trying it their own way... just search "GTD Onenote". I´m sure that an "official" template will boost the sales of OneNote since it will automatically gather that whole target market.