Monday, April 06, 2009

Applying distance measuring, range finding magic to your digital picture collection – Range Finder

CodeProject - Range Finder



After a trip and when you are looking at your travel photos, sometimes you want to know some distances or sizes of objects in there. It’s somehow possible.

If you can find some objects in your photos which you know their sizes, you can measure their distances and if you know the distance of an object, you can find the size of it. For example if you know the height of a special building (e.g. Pharos or a tower) and you are kilometers far from it, you can measure your distance by a simple photo. Sometimes it is funny!



I don’t know the exact size of flag, but I guess it must be about 150 cm (5 feet), if so, I type 150 in the object size box and press enter. The program calculate the distance as about 3 Km.


Points of Interest

Even with low accuracy of this program, I think it is sometimes good and you can have some fun with your photos. At least I hope so.


That’s pretty neat…


Anonymous said...

Any idea where the app is these days? I have an application that will be for measuring items less than an inch but > 1/4"....and need some place to start....
Any ideas as to where this can be located would be welcomed!
Thanks, Greg.

Greg said...

@Bill, The url looks to now be;