Saturday, May 09, 2009

Scrum Master Checklist – Four pages toward helping a Scrum Master succeed

Michael James - An example checklist for ScrumMasters


Another popular article of mine, also intended for people who already know Scrum, or to supplement training: An example checklist for ScrumMasters. This is to show some ways an effective ScrumMaster can make a huge difference in team and business performance.”


Thanks to Michael James for dropping me a comment with this example checklist. Example or not, as it is I can see where it will help me. There’s a number of items in this checklist that remind me that my learning and growth as a ScrumMaster is far (sigh, seemingly very far sometimes) from complete.

(via Comment from Michael on post New Scrum Quick Reference Card from DZone/Refcardz (Reg-ware))


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Alberto G said...

Great post, It's very usual to see agile teams where the Scrum Master only makes sure that the daily stand up happens. I'm going to print out this checklist for our team. Thanks for sharing.

Alberto G