Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Something we all need sometimes, some “Logik Redaction”




What is Logik Redaction?

Logik Redaction is a California red zinfandel created by Andy and Sheng for both our employees and our valued clients. Back in 2007 we decided that it would be a fun idea to create our own wine, so we hooked up with the amazing people at Crushpad in San Francisco and reserved a French Oak barrel to make our wine in.

Naturally, we named it Logik Redaction:

  • Red = the sweet color of the wine (and in our logo)
  • + Action = like Gridlogik™, the wine is designed to taste great and pack a punch (14.5% alcohol)
  • = Redaction = A common term in the eDiscovery industry (to revise or edit)


Now that’s some cool EDD/Legal marketing. The play on words just kills me (you’ll only really get it if you’re in the legal industry… but I can SO use some logic redaction sometimes! lol ;)

Make sure you click through to register for your chance to win an entire case…

(via Gabe's Guide to the e-Discovery Universe - I bet this tastes much better than moonshine in “native format”)

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Andy Wilson said...

Thanks Greg, we very much appreciate the post, send me your email and I will mail you a bottle, that is unless you win the entire case!