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A Feed You Should Read #2 - Chris Alcock’s Reflective Perspective (The Morning Brew)

In my second “A Feed You Should Read” I’m continuing with some of the link bloggers I read.

One of the early must read blogs was the “Daily Grind” which sadly is no more (we miss you… ). Yet all is not lost.

Taking up the mantle of the Daily Grind, Chris Alcock jumped into the breach with “The Morning Brew”. While we miss the Grind, the Morning Brew is a great blend and has an outstanding flavor… ;)

Chris Alcock - Reflective Perspective



Chris’s The Morning Brew has been about for almost three years now, since January 2007, and I’ve been follow it since its start, or close to it at least (looks like my first link to it was to #37)

The Morning Brew is a link blog, but with a twist. In addition to the links, there’s brief description of that link’s content. Think of it like a Link Blog++

Why do I like this feed and think you might also?

It’s both the content of which Chris links to, which is basically Microsoft development/tech related, and the “extra” depth he provides.

Not only are well focused and categorized links provided, but an extra level of depth.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a link in a link blog is worth a click-though just based on its title. Yet each click-through that isn’t what you might have thought it was costs you time. The extra descriptions Chris includes with his links help a great deal toward determining if you should invest your time or not.

You can think if it like links with description attributes being applied… (sorry… a dev joke… ;)

As icing on the cake, he and I seem to read many of the same blogs, yet being in the UK, provides a different perspective on things, which helps me broaden my own. There have been a number of times where I’ve missed something, or glossed over it, but in reading about it on his blog realized that I needed to take a second look.

If your time is limited, yet would like to keep up on the goings on in the Microsoft Development sphere, I recommend you place Chris Alcock - Reflective Perspective and The Morning Brew in your “must read at the start of the day” feed folder.

Snap of today’s post:

The Morning Brew #426


Blog Information:

Name: Reflective Perspective - The caffeine fueled thoughts of a UK Software Developer and home of ‘The Morning Brew’
Post Types: Primary – Links (The Morning Brew)
Secondary - .Net, SQL Server, Microsoft based development related topics

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