Monday, September 14, 2009

Have VS 2008 SP1 and a Data Dude/WiX/SilverLight Project and the right-click Create Unit Tests wizard is “borked?” There’s a hotfix for that…

Microsoft Help and Support - FIX: Problems occur in the Create Unit Tests wizard when you create a unit test for a method in a solution that contains a GDR project, a Silverlight project, or a WIX project in Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1

“Consider the following scenario. You open a solution that contains one of the following projects in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1:

  • A Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team System Database Edition General Distribution Release (GDR) project
  • A Microsoft Silverlight project
  • A Windows Installer XML (WIX) project
Then, you open a source file, right-click a public method, and then select the Create Unit Tests item. In this scenario, the Create Unit Tests wizard starts. However, the following problems occur in the Create Unit Tests wizard:
  • There are no type lists in the Types panel.
  • The Output project list is missing.
  • When you click the Settings button, the wizard closes immediately.
  • The OK button is unavailable.


This is something I think we’ve seen (at least I know I’ve heard the team mention “WiX” and problems with Unit Testing in same sentence… Am confirming now) and given my interest in WiX and Data Dude I wanted to capture this for future reference…

(via /Blog - Fixing Unit Tests in VS2008 SP1 with the WiX toolset.)


jamiet said...

Hi Greg,
Still interested in WiX and datadude? This may interest you:

Building a database installer with WiX, datadude and Visual Studio 2010


Greg said...

Thanks! I did indeed see that yesterday and added it to a list for WiX related post I'll be making very soon (cough... like maybe on in a Coding4Fun post... cough ;)