Friday, September 25, 2009

Tired of entering your login info every time you open a CodePlex hosted Solution in Visual Studio?

Scott's Blog - Save Your Codeplex Repository Credentials

“I recently setup my first project ever in CodePlex and naturally I am very excited about its tight integration with TFS since my group uses TFS internally for source control as well.  Connecting to CodePlex through the Visual Studio Team Explorer is very easy, you just use one of the servers as your target, and then give them a variation of your username and password to connect.

The prompt for your password will come up every time you open VS, and there is no option to save your credentials.  I like security as much as the next guy, but after a while this becomes tedious and it was proving to be a stumbling block to adoption among some team members.

How To Store Your Credentials

The solution I came up with was to use the Windows credential manager to save my CodePlex credentials.  Here are the steps:

The next time you open up any project on that codeplex TFS server, your credentials will automatically be passed!


I don’t want to steal all his thunder, so please click though for the details. But for my future reference (in case the OP goes away, etc), it’s done via “Credential Manager” and “Add a Windows Credential”

Following Scott’s simple instructions, this worked like a charm. Thanks Scott!


Notes to Self:

  • The Windows domain for Codeplex is “snd\”
  • That for every TFS server you have a project on, you’ll need an Credential entry (I have projects on 5 different TFS0x servers ;)
  • That this is meant for Visual Studio/Team Explorer and not the CodePlex web site
  • And to spell everything right (funny that tfs01.codeplex.xom doesn’t work… lol)

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