Saturday, November 14, 2009

A MVVM framework “…three hour tour…”

JAPF - A quick tour of existing MVVM frameworks


One year ago MVVM wasn’t very famous. I remember the first article I read about it, about using MVVM to simplify the management of treeview controls. In the last six months, MVVM has been quickly promoted to THE methodology to use when developing WPF applications. During this amount of time, famous WPF developers started to merge their existing MVVM classes into libraries. Those libraries are now known as MVVM frameworks and contain classes designed to help developers to use MVVM in their projects.

In this article, I’m going to make a quick tour of the available MVVM frameworks.


Wow, I knew there were allot of MVVM framework, toolkits, etc, but not this many. As you might know I’m a fan of MVVM, it’s the first WPF pattern that I actually saw “work” and you know how you always remember your first…;)

What I’d really like is to see is “patterns” baked into the Visual Studio IDE. I would like to be able to set Visual Studio to use specific pattern and then have it help me conform to that pattern. So for example, there would be the “Code Behind” pattern (i.e. today’s behavior), the MVVM pattern, the MVC pattern, etc. And based on the selected pattern VS’s behavior would change, working to help you fall into the pit of success for that pattern.

I wonder if the new MEF based extensible IDE support in VS2010 would let me build something like that? Hum… Sounds like a good topic to bring at next week at PDC (Being me, I’ve already chatted up people about this, Patterns baked into the IDE, idea at TechEd, etc :)

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