Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Feed You Should Read #23 – The Code Project

If you ask a developer how they like to learn new technology, techniques, etc nearly all will say, “The code, baby! Show me some code…!”

Today’s Feed is one of the premier sites for developers, by developers which revels in the code, baby!

The Code Project



I love The Code Project. I’ve found more cool things on this site than I can count. Almost every day there’s some project that I want to capture for future reference. Best of all is the fact that the articles are by developers, for developers.

How often have you used the Net to solve a coding problem, or to learn something? Yeah, like a million times. Me too. Yet were would we be if everyone was a consumer and no one a producer?

That’s what draws me to the Code Project, easy it makes sharing, to help you be a producer. You don’t need to be a “A Lister”, have a deal with a publisher/site, be a name in our field, a blog, yada, yada. You just need to desire, and code. Sharing a cool project, technique, solution to difficult development problem or bit of code is simple, easy and free.

The act of paying it forward is what gives this site its true power.

Why do I like this feed and think you might also?

Learn by seeing code?

Like to see people talk about and code cool stuff?

Code in in .Net, MFC/C++, ASP, C#, VB?

Want to give back a little yourself?

The Code Project is a site and feed for you…

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Name: The Code Project
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Post Types: Development (aka Code) project articles (most with source)


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