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A Feed You Should Read #25 –

In today’s Feed we return to the arrogation world, one site/feed that hosts a number of bloggers. Today’s Feed is also one of my favorite kinds one with, dev to dev’s, geek to geeks kinds of posts.

MSMVPs - The Ultimate Destination for Current and Former Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals



Those that are awarded the MS MVP are an interesting bunch. They are those in our industry with a passion and drive. A drive to learn, but more importantly to share and help. These guys and gals are not Microsoft employees, don’t get paid by Microsoft and are just normal Joe’s and Jane’s, like you and I.

Yet they also are our ambassadors to Microsoft which looks to them for guidance, feedback and input. Microsoft gives great value to feedback from the field. If you would like a feature, change, etc, find and tell a MS MVP before you find someone on the inside. I’ve had a number of chats with Microsoft employees and have heard them say (paraphrased), “I’d like feature X, Y or Z too. Could you please email me? Features have a greater chance of being done if we show it’s what our customers are asking for and not just from inside the team…”. Now if you can get a MS MVP behind the feature, then that suggestion gets a +10 signal to noise buff.

MS MVP’s are your outside insiders and this site is one place where you can hang out with a bunch of them…

Why do I like this feed and think you might also?

The “real world” nature of the posts here are what draw me to the site. MS MVP’s are not wallflowers and are not afraid to let the world know how they feel about something (lol… cough….. understatement… cough…). This site brings a number of them together into one easily reviewed feed stream.

This site is also a mix of IT/Dev/Consumer international MVP’s which I also like and helps me see a broader picture of what’s happening.

in short, this is another of those “If you use/consume/developer/support Microsoft stuff you should check out this feed” feed.

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Name: MSMVPs - The Ultimate Destination for Current and Former Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals
Post Types: Broad range of mostly Microsoft related posts


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