Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Feed You Should Read #26 –

Today’s Feed is another for the mostly hard core. It’s a blog host site, aggregating hundreds of bloggers into a single feed.

The title of the site says it all…




By my rough count, there’s 453 bloggers here, some more active than others. As you can see in the tag cloud above, the topics covered by these geeks with blogs are mostly in the Microsoft space, yet the breadth of that coverage is broad, to as the least.

You know me, I pretty much live in the Microsoft space. Which while that space is not galaxy sized, it fills a spiral arm or two. (Sorry, been reading allot of hard science fiction/space opera recently ;)

Trying to keep up is ever a challenge. This site, without any direct affiliation, association, etc, with Microsoft, written by geeks for geeks provides a great pulse check, meme monitor and trend view. The broad number of bloggers and topics mean you see allot in this one feed.

Why do I like this feed and think you might also?

A Geek?

Interested in Microsoft space/tech?

Want to keep an eye on hardware & software, from .Net to the Zune and everything between?

Like reading posts from “normal” people (i.e. not under the thumb of “The Man”)?

Okay with scanning 50’ish posts a day?

Then this might be a feed for you…

Snap of the latest posts:


Blog Information:

Name:Geeks With Blogs.Net
Post Types:Blog hosting for “geeks”, mostly covering development with Microsoft technologies

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Brad Osterloo said...

Greg I just had to check that you meant "aggregating" instead of "arrogating"....looked up arrogate in the dictionary and checked out its definition (which wasn't favorable) in case I was missing an inside joke about GeeksWithBlogs (which I do read)....or is there a story to share? Have a good day. Brad

Greg said...

sigh... no special meaning, just a ID-10-T error on my part.

Thanks for catching it!