Tuesday, April 20, 2010

[Insert Three Hour Tour and/or TPL Report Joke Here] - “A Tour of Various TPL Options” – 28 page free ebook about parallel programming options in .Net via the Task Parallel Library (TPL)

Parallel Programming with .NET - A Tour of Various TPL Options

“The Task Parallel Library (TPL) exposes various options that give you more control over how tasks get scheduled and executed:

  • Choose whether to optimize for fairness or for overheads when scheduling tasks.
  • Specially mark tasks known to be long-running to help the scheduler execute efficiently.
  • Create a task as attached or detached to the parent task.
  • Schedule continuations that run if a task threw an exception or got cancelled.
  • Run tasks synchronously.

Joseph E. Hoag's article A Tour of Various TPL Options explains these options in detail, accompanied by examples of correct and incorrect uses.

(This paper and many more are available through the Parallel Computing Developer Center on MSDN at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/concurrency/ee851578.aspx.)” [GD: Post Leached In Full]

A Tour of Various TPL Options

“Abstract: The Task Parallel Library (TPL), released as part of the new parallel programming support in .NET 4, provides various options to the user via the TaskCreationOptions, TaskContinuationOptions and ParallelOptions classes. These options, accompanied by examples of correct and incorrect uses of them, are discussed in this article.



With the release of .Net 4, the TPL and Tasks are very much the “in” thing now (and very cool)… Come on boys and girls, lets get all the Cores busy!  ;)


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