Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Feed You Should Read #29 – Tim Heuer’s Method ~ of ~ Failed

Today’s feed we continue with another person I consider a Microsoft luminary.

Plus his blog title always makes me chuckle (If you’re a VB Classic programmer you’ll get it. If not, you won’t)

Method ~ of ~ Failed



I’ve been following Tim’s blog for a few years now and have always found his posts interesting and useful. I also like that he “walks the walk” and has large number of OSS/Source projects. For example, check out his CodePlex Profile Page. I’ve been using the FilckrNet project for forever now…

One of his recent “things” is to take the cool Smashing Magazine Monthly Calendar wallpapers (May 2010) and package them as Windows 7 Themes (May 2010). This is an example of how this blog is a personal passion for him and not a “job” thing.

[Personal Note: If you like to provide wallpapers to others, please consider packaging them as a Windows 7 Theme. It makes it drop dead easy for people to enjoy your wallpapers]

When trying to come up with a way to describe what Tim blogs about I went to his Tag Cloud page… and snort-laughed (I hate when I do that). Below you can see why. You try to summarize/highlight that!  LOL


Why do I like this feed and think you might also?

Interested in “New Generation” UI/Tech, aka SilverLight, WPF, XAML, Expression?

Interested in Windows Phone 7 development?

Interested in following someone with a finger of the pulse of geek-cool?

Interested in someone with a Microsoft development passion, yet is not a zealot, nor blind to tech from others?

Then this is a feed you should consider reading…

Snap of the latest post:


Blog Information:

Name: Method ~ of ~ Failed - A Blog by Tim Heuer
Post Types: Microsoft Development focusing on SilverLight, WPF, XAML (i.e. new gen UI Tech)


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