Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The PowerGUI Visual Studio PowerShell extension is now officially a v1 (RTW/RTM, Released, Stable, etc, etc)

Shared Points for SharePoint - PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension is out of beta


But as the title indicates the focus of this posting will be on the newly released PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension. PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension is an integration of the PowerGUI Script Editor into Visual Studio. In my opinion this is a very good idea because it brings PowerShell development into a familiar environment, as we can now maintain the scripts in Visual Studio projects. Additionally we get version control integration “for free.”


PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension - PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension v1.0


Released: Jul 4 2010
Updated: Jul 4 2010 by AdamDriscoll
Dev status: Stable

Recommended Download

PowerGUI VSX Extension
application, 578K, uploaded Sun…

Release Notes

This update to the beta 1 version is minimal. It includes mostly branding and some minor bug fixes.

  • Bug Fixes
    • The editor was forcing ASCII encoding (71202)
    • The extension would crash if an incorrect version of PowerGUI was installed (71200)
  • Added Features
    • Better branding
    • Added ability to Launch PowerGUI to start debugging the current script


I love the smell of V1 in the morning…


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Fabrice Viguier said...


I obtain an error when using the PowerGUI extension the first time I open it after installation.
The error is due to not founded dll in C:\Program Files (x86)\blah...
I use VS 2010 on 64 bits OS
Do you provide a 64 bits version of this extension ?


Greg said...

The best bet would be to post your issue in the project's discussion area, http://powerguivsx.codeplex.com/discussions

Be sure to post what version of PowerGUI you're using (which is different than the extension... the Extension relies on/uses PowerGUI from http://powergui.org), the error, OS, etc.