Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A WebMatrix Roundup

I’m going to try something new today. Usually I focus on one blog post and its thread, but today, given all the news about the new WebMatrix beta release, I’m going to do a “roundup” post, aka link curation, etc. But instead of dry links, I though I’d add a visual element to it and provide thumbnails and of the posts. My intent is to give you a quick way to gage the given post’s breadth and give you a feel for what’s there... To help you spend your click-through’s wisely (we only have so many clicks left in our lives and so must spend them well… so something like that… ;)

Here’s a few, of many, WebMatrix posts I came across this morning (in no particular order).


ScottGu's Blog - Introducing WebMatrix

ScottGu The Gu does his usual rock’n post with a nice pictorial WebMatrix introduction and usage walk through.

Little on text, lots on showing your many of its features and capabilities.

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows - Microsoft Introduces Web Matrix

image[3] Paul provides a brief overview of WebMatrix and included technologies

Scott Hanselman's - Microsoft Introduces Web Matrix

Scott Hanselman - Microsoft WebMatrix in Context and Deploying Your First Site Scott walks you through downloading and building your first web site with WebMatrix.

Make sure you scroll down and check out the Related Links section. There’s a ton of links to more information, videos, walk-through’s, tutorials etc

Mikesdotnetting - WebMatrix - A First Application

WebMatrix - A First Application Mike walks us through creating our first WebMatrix based web site, using the new SQL CE database/data binding and the new view engine, Razor.

Bob's Blog - WebMatrix Top Features

image Bob highlights his top 10+1 WebMatrix features

Angle Bracket Percent - How WebMatrix, Razor, ASP.NET Web Pages and MVC fit together

image David provides a nice overview on how all the new pieces, MVC, Razor, ASP.Net all fit together with WebMatrix

BillS IIS Blog - Announcing WebMatrix – a small, simple and seamless stack for Web developers

image A brief “Introducing” post via IIS.Net

Mary Jo’s All About Microsoft - Microsoft takes aim again at Web developers with new WebMatrix tool suite

image Come on, it’s Mary Jo!

Michael Crump - The Forrest Gump guide to the new WebMatrix.

The Forrest Gump guide to the new WebMatrix How can you go wrong with a post title like that! lol

Mike starts even farther back in the “Install” thread, starting from the Web Platform Installer and going forward from there to usage and deployment.

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