Friday, July 02, 2010

Windows Live Writer, Twitter Notify and Yep, here’s how…

Aaron's Live Writer Blog - Using with The Twitter Notify plug-in for Live Writer

“One of my favorite plug-ins for Windows Live Writer is Twitter Notify which will give you the option to create a tweet on Twitter as part of publishing your blog post.  By default it uses TinyURL as the URL shortener.  The “problem” with TinyURL is that it uses 20 characters whereas newer shorteners use 17 or less characters and with the 140 character limit of Twitter every character counts.

Joe Cheng wrote a blog post, Using alternative URL shorteners with Twitter Notify plugin, and in the main article he explains how to configure the plug-in to use shorteners like,,, and but I found in the comments of that post that Max Paulousky has explained how to configure it for  What follows are the instructions on how to setup the Twitter Notify plug-in for

First make sure you have the latest version of Twitter Notify.  You can download and install it from the gallery.

Second you need to know your username and API Key from  …


I had tried this, using, when I did my original post about URL Shorteners and Windows Live Writer, but only very half-heartily and when it didn’t work the first time, because I didn’t know how to setup the URL correctly, I got lazy and gave up.

Luckily Aaron didn’t. He figured it out and better yet shared it with us. :)

So now my Twitter Notify short links should now be using Let’s publish this and see…


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