Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pivoting your Code, a Silverlight Pivot of your Visual Studio Solution - VS Solution PivotViewer

Silverlight driven blogging - Visual Studio Solution Pivot Viewer. Add-on for VS2010 to Visualize Code Structure

”My previous add-on for Visual Studio (Xaps Minifier) is extremely popular. Many developers and several MVPs use it in their projects already. I am going to extend its functionality to simplify developers’ life. I should say, in general, I like the way of developing extensions for Visual Studio 2010 and I am going to continue working at this area.

Several weeks ago, Sergey Zwezdin announced a brainstorming to generate a bunch of ideas for Add-ons for Visual Studio 2010. I described Xaps Minifier and proposed one more idea. The idea was to use Pivot Viewer Silverlight control to visualize source code and some aspects of it.


Pivot Viewer control is used for visualizing big chunk of data and allows filtering and sorting by many criteria. Source code can be used as data that should be analyzed by a developer/team lead etc  to find out bottlenecks. When I say ‘bottlenecks’, I mean classes, files, methods that should be refactored. For example, It is very difficult to maintain large classes or methods. They  should be divided into several pieces or minimized by excluding duplicated code etc.

My add-on should analyze source code, prepare data for PivotViewer and display PivotViewer control and data in it.


I’ve heard of the Silverlight Pivot Viewer, but had played with it. Now after seeing it in “my” world, I think I’m going to have to take a closer look at it… ;)

I really like the post/story Max provides, how his addin is implemented and how he brought the different parts together to make it work.

Here’s a snap of addin’s for one of my projects;


You can get it from Visual Studio Gallery - VS Solution PivotViewer or via the Extension Manager.

(via Silverlight Show - Visual Studio Solution Pivot Viewer. Add-on for VS2010 to Visualize Code Structure)

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