Sunday, November 28, 2010

CodePlex project owner/contributor/doc writer? Don’t like the wiki web UI/markup/etc? What if I were to tell you you can use Windows Live Writer to edit your CodePlex wiki…?

Gunnar Peipman's ASP.NET blog - CodePlex supports Windows Live Writer!

“I am documenting local community portal that is hosted in CodePlex. Wikis have always been annoying for me when it comes to creating a good content. So, I was preparing for boring evening full of wiki mark-up and messing with good format, manual image uploads etc. But CodePlex surprised me today – it’s wiki supports Windows Live Writer!

As tonight is not the last night when I am documenting my work I was specially glad I got this heavy boost to my documenting action. I will save a lot of time I think as I am pretty quick when I’m using Windows Live Writer. Take a look at the following screenshot.


After couple of documentation pages I was amazed how fast I can move on with documenting when I don’t have to use this weird wiki mark-up and manual image uploads. Windows Live Writer is my killer tool when it goes to writing something for web. Now I can do also my CodePlex writing with Windows Live Writer and I can focus more on the quality of my documents. And this IS cool!


CodePlex Information and DiscussionUsing Windows Live Writer

“Getting started using Windows Live Writer with your CodePlex project is fairly simple.  …

Windows Live Writer Q&A

Q: Can I add images to my wiki pages through Windows Live Writer?
A: Yes, images will be uploaded to CodePlex and attached to the wiki page.

Q: Can I add code samples to my wiki pages through Windows Live Writer?
A: Yes, you can use one of the many plugins to insert code. We recommend using Insert Code for Windows Live Writer, Source Code Formatter, or PreCode.

Q: Do I have to use Windows Live Writer?
A: No. Since we implement the MetaWeblog API, you can use any tool that uses this same API.

Q: Can I embed videos or Silverlight applications using Windows Live Writer?
A: No. Similarly to the web based editor, we will ignore this content. We are looking into supporting this in the future, however.


Editing of existing pages? Yep

Image support? Yep

Awesome? Yep!

Anyone writing CodePlex wiki pages/doc’s and also use WLW will understand just how cool this is (been there, done that, got the t-shirt… ;) And it’s been available since at least August 2010.

Note #1: The screenshots and instructions are for the previous version of Windows Live Writer, but the capability works fine in WLW 2011. Adding a CodePlex Project to WLW is just as easy and simple as adding any other “other” blog.

Note #2: Use your main project CodePlex UserID and Password and NOT your CodePlex Version Control UserID/Password (ie NOT your “SND\*_cp” UserID/Password)

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