Saturday, January 01, 2011

The “Behind Baseball” view of just how the Windows Azure Storage is architected

Windows Azure Storage Team Blog - Windows Azure Storage Architecture Overview

“In this posting we provide an overview of the Windows Azure Storage architecture to give some understanding of how it works. Windows Azure Storage is a distributed storage software stack built completely by Microsoft for the cloud.

Before diving into the details of this post, please read the prior posting on Windows Azure Storage Abstractions and their Scalability Targets to get an understanding of the storage abstractions (Blobs, Tables and Queues) provided and the concept of partitions.


I I find these kinds of articles interesting reads. I dig seeing behind the curtains and hearing about how stuff is built. While I doubt I’ll ever need to implement anything on the scale of Azure Storage, seeing how Microsoft implemented this massive solution is fascinating (okay… so I’m a geek… ;)

Also I found it cool that DFS is used in such a mission critical way. I’ve heard of/seen/read about/etc DFS but  have never seen it fully implemented in a real world environment (i.e. in an IT/work/my day life/etc environment… Not from lack of trying though, let’s not get me started…). Now the next time DFS comes up and there are “questions or concerns” about it, this article will be another data bit I can use in support.

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