Monday, January 10, 2011

OneNote Powertoys Rollup

OneNote Testing - Powertoys from the OneNote Test Team for 2010

“Every January, I compile a list of the powertoys the test team gave out the previous year. This year, there are a few new ones (table sorting, bulk import images and remove ink from a page) for OneNote 2010 and a section color changer for OneNote 2007. Several updates for getting some of the more popular powertoys to OneNote 2010 happened as well. Here goes:

New for OneNote 2010:
Table sorting and table of contents:

A tool to bulk import images:

An addin to remove all ink, and only ink, from a page:

Extract OCR data on a page:

Updates to existing addins for 2007 to work with 2010:

Word Count:

Sort Sections alphabetically:

Calendar/Planner creator:

Text file importer:

A quick start article for converting addins from OneNote 2007 to OneNote 2010

For OneNote 2007:
…” [GD: Click through for all the links… ]

There are a number of OneNote add-in updates that I had missed, so this roll-up was prefect for me… :)


Admin said...

See for more cool add-ins.

I wasn't very active in 2010, but I'm slowly updating the site with what I missed and working on the List of PowerToys (rollup) page.

nswr said...

It's a pitty there is no bulk import feature or external tool to import to One Note from great numbers of RTF files to single pages and keeping them editable with full content like links, images and formatting.