Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gorilla Zune Web Service API'ing OR Using the Zune Web API on Windows Phone 7

Den by Default - Enhancing the general Zune experience on Windows Phone 7 with Zune web API

"I am avid Zune user and I really like the Zune client. It has the same social integration as Xbox Live and it makes it easy to see what my friends are up-to music wise. With the release of Windows Phone 7 it was obvious that Zune will be there as well – although it is not really marked as Zune on the device (except for the fact that it has the Zune icon) but rather as the Music Hub. The mobile client is somewhat limited compared to its desktop counterpart.



2-23-2011 8-25-09 AM..."

Love it when someone gets tired of waiting (for years... sigh) for an official API/SDK and just figures out how it works (enough for them and their usage at least). I've whined about the lack of a Zune SDK/API for years. Love my Zune. My son loves his Zune (though he hates me now that I got him a Zune Pass for Christmas... says his Zune is getting too full with all the awesome music he now has access too.. ;). My wife, hers.

As a dev when I get emotionally invested in a computer based product I want to extend that product, use it in different ways, integrate it more into my life, yada, yada. I want to code it baby! And not being able to do that with Zune, via either a client side .Net SDK or Web API has bugged me. So much I'd like to do, but no safe way to do it (there are .Net Zune Assemblies as there are posts on how to use them... but in playing with those and jacking up my Zune SDF a number of times... )

Remember, it's about the apps. About the apps others write... [Insert tasteless joke about "Freedom for a Zune SDK/API" here]

(via Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew - Dew Drop – February 23, 2011)

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