Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free community engagement software in the service of freedom... "Build Egypt" via Microsoft's TownHall

WinRumors - Egyptian citizens use Microsoft TownHall software to create a dialog site

"Egyptian citizens have created a site based on Microsoft’s TownHall software to discuss the issues the country faces.

The Arab Republic of Egypt is in the middle of recovering from a high profile revolution. Protesters took to the streets on January 25 to demonstrate against the then President, Hosni Mubarak. On February 11, Mubarak resigned from office. The country of Egypt is now awaiting elections to determine the course of action for its economy and civilian life in future.

One group of civilians has started a site based on Microsoft’s TownHall software. TownHall, introduced in April 2010, provides a way for governments to communicate and engage with citizens. ..."

Home – نبنى مصر ("Build Egypt")


Since I've have some web friends in Egypt and have blogged about Microsoft TownHall before, this caught my eye...


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