Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Power Geeks Guide to Chkdsk (aka "NTFS Chkdsk Best Practices and Performance.docx")

Microsoft Downloads - NTFS Chkdsk Best Practices and Performance


NTFS Chkdsk Best Practices and Performance.docx 710KB

Version: February 2011

Date Published: 2/22/2011


This document provides best practices and guidance when sizing volumes and Chkdsk execution times. This guidance helps you design a manageable system using Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. It also provides guidelines to reduce downtime due to Chkdsk execution time in the event of volume corruption.


From the DocX;



Yeah, we're talking 17 pages of ChkDsk information... Included is how it works, performance enhancements with Windows Server 2008 R2, tweaks to make it faster, etc.

(via Windows Storage Management > New NTFS CHKDSK whitepaper)

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