Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The "Reimplementing LINQ to Objects" series TOC (44 + 1 Posts = one awesome series)

Jon Skeet: Coding Blog - Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 45 - Conclusion and List of Posts

"You may consider it a little odd to have a list of posts as the final part in the series, but it makes sense when you consider that visiting the Edulinq tag page shows results in reverse chronological order. At that point, a newcomer will hopefully hit this post first, and then find it easier to navigate to the first post. Anyway...


When I started this series, I hadn't realized quite how much there would be to write about. The main thrust was going to be that the implementation of LINQ is simple, and it's the design that's clever. As it happened, pretty much every operator ended up raising some interesting issue or other. However, hopefully the series has still "immersed" you in LINQ to Objects to some extent, and clarified how it all hangs together. It would be gratifying to think that the description at the start of each post may end up being used as a sort of "unofficial alternative documentation" with some more details than MSDN provides, but we'll see whether than happens over time.



If you're looking for in depth information about the guts of LINQ to Objects, start here.

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