Friday, February 11, 2011

How to NuGet your CodePlex binary and a look at the Elevate project (think Boost for the BCL)

Bill Wagner - Elevate added to the NuGet gallery

"The title says the big news: I added elevate to the NuGet gallery.


Thanks to Phil Haack for helping me get started by writing a great post that makes it easy.

When we loaded the package, we chose to host the package on the elevate download page. That is the only part of the process that’s a bit tricky. When you download the package from CodePlex, you have to accept the license. The link on the download page does not point to the download.

The link on your download page looks like this: (actual download link for the elevate NuPkg)

That isn’t what you need to register in the NuGet gallery. Instead, you need the link to the binary release. That’s this link:


If you are uploading your own NuGet package, and the file is hosted on CodePlex, you need to perform a bit of a dance:


CodePlex - Elevate

"About Elevate

Elevate is an easy to pick up library containing things you wish were in the BCL. Use one component or many. Contribute your own utilities. Share your ideas with the community.


Elevate - Road Map

"Overall Goals

We aspire for Elevate to be for .NET what Boost is for C++. Content wise, this means that the library should contain "the things that you wish were in the BCL".

We don't mean to imply that the Base Class Library is bad, but the facts are that the BCL team has finite resources, and they have to cater to all .NET developers. With Elevate, we can focus on features that a large subset of .NET developers want, and we can draw on contributions from the entire community. We know that the BCL may eventually implement some of the features in Elevate. When this happens, we will deprecate those APIs, and defer to the BCL implementation.

Like Boost, we want to hold Elevate to a very high standard of quality. Right now, this means tests, and following coding standards to be like the BCL. Eventually, we would like to implement a review process to ensure quality and prevent feature bloat.


This post is is a two for one deal.

First you get help releasing your CodePlex project binaries directly via NuGet (as opposed to download, then upload to NuGet.Org or other hos, wash, rinse, repeat with each update. Then we get a look at the cool Elevate project (as in "elevate/raise/improve" yourself , not elevate privileges...;)

(via Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew - Dew Drop – February 11, 2011)


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